Make your tab a better place.

Better Tab improves your new tab with beautiful
backgrounds and tools for a better online experience


No more boring new tabs

Beautiful background images and
inspirational quotes for a refreshing online experience.


To-Do list right on your new tab

Do not miss any of your to-do items.
Write them down on your Better Tab's
built-in To-Do List!



Easily access all your favorite and
important websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your answer?


Here's a few answers to our most common questions:

A customizable dashboard that improves your new tab with beautiful landscape images as the background and an array of tools you need most for a better online experience.
You can easily install The Better Tab by downloading it on our main page here or in Google's webstore
The Better Tab offers two ways of changing your new tab page's background image:

By loading image from the Collection:

  1. Click on Settings from the the left-hand corner of your new tab page
  2. Click on Load next wallpaper
    This will load an image from our gallery.

By uploading your preferred image:

  1. Click on Settings from the the left-hand corner of your new tab page
  2. Then select Upload From Computer...
  3. This will open up your computer's file explorer so you could locate your preferred wallpaper image
  4. Select your preferred image and click on Open
You can uninstall The Better Tab by following these instructions. You can uninstall it the same way you would uninstall any browser extension in the browser you are using.
You can report any problem, complaints, or bugs at our Support Page.

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